Sunday, August 5, 2007


It's really simple,from a stylist point of view. We know that it's so much more than the hair cut (although it is a big part) it's also about the energy and the commitment put towards the realtionship. If you feel for change (a change in stylist that is), do it! It's all about you, not the stylist.

There are several ways of going about breaking the news to your stylist. Sometimes sending a card thanking your stylist for years of service is a great way to end the relationship maybe until a later date. Or maybe you would like to return to your stylist to tell the truth,"I travelled around a bit and here I am ! I love your work!! That's one way to put it. There are countless ways to communicate this with your stylist, but at the end of the day YOU choose what is most comfortable for YOU!

As a stylist I don't take it personally,I know that not everyone I touch will be happy. As a stylist it's important to love what we do, get lots of education and always have an open mind. It's about the client, not us!