Monday, October 29, 2007

Hair Mishaps & How To Fix It: Part I

1. You say you are ready for change, but are you REALLY ready for CHANGE?


You were born with dirty blonde hair, and you survived your teenage years with the color you were blessed with. When the time was right, you finally became the blonde that you always wanted to be, with the right guidance and professional assisance. Many years later after being every shade and tone of blonde under the sun, you woke up and decided that today was the day to become a brunette and the transition could not be put off a minute later.

Excited about your new soon-to-be do (possibly inspired by a magazine or movie you saw), you go into your favorite hair salon and spill the news to your stylist. You spare no details about your ideas and desires for your perfect brunette color. Three hours, 5 pictures and a miracle later, you leave the the salon with a beautiful shade of chestnut precisely selected by you.

You are elated with your new change and cannot wait to show if off to your friends and family. By chance you happen to run into one of your closest friends as you are leaving the salon. "Wow! Your hair is dark," she exclaims in a way that lets you know that she really wanted to scream, "What have you done to your hair?!" Her reaction immediately makes you think that you've made a huge mistake (And, believe me that is all that it takes).

As a hair stylist, I see many cases that are very similar to this scenario with women that make drastic changes to their color and may not be ready to fully committ to the transition. Before making these changes it is important to take several things into considertation...

1. Where is your confidence level? Are you ready to committ to the change?

2. Who is this change being made for? Is it for you, your significant other or professional purposes?

3. Are you doing this as a new means of self-expression?

4. Are you experiencing emotional stress, a break-up or a death in the family?

5. Is because you want to try something you saw in a movie or magazine?

The important thing is to make sure that you fully understand why you are making the drastic change. You have to be prepared mentally and emotionally for change. And, remember that everytime there is a change made, there will always be a comment made about it whether it be good, bad or ugly. Don't let others opinions be the deciding factor for your transition or lack thereof. Embrace change, change is good!