Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bridal Hair

Since this is such a huge topic, I would prefer to make this an on-going topic of discussion.

The beginning...

The frenzy starts from the moment you accept the proposal. You tell everyone who will listen from family to friends and co-workers about the news. You've spent years of your life dreaming of what your perfect day would be like and how you would look on your big day. Now it is finally time to make it happen.

Yes, the venue, caterer, dress, invitations and flowers are all REALLY important, but let's fast forward 15 years when you are sharing videos and photos of your wedding with friends (or children). What is the first thing that they will see?

Sure, the overall feel fo the event is there, beautiful space, great decorations, and things so well planned that everyone is just glowing with happiness (providing that you have an event planner like James Abel Events...of course). Then there is what truly matters, your hair and make-up. These photos should last a lifetime, and you should be able to show them feeling confident enough to say, "You know, I really looked great on my wedding day!" TO BE CONTINUED...