Saturday, February 16, 2008


Because I received so many questions on men's hair cuts and grey hair, I would like to address these issues so that no one feels like 2 grey hairs are going to end their world!! As the man starts grying the texture changes like with a woman. So, you can't just wake-up and leave home thinking you have the same head of hair, false!!

It should be approached differently, the gradual coarseness and light frizzing becomes difficult to work with; lacking shine and control.

When cutting the hair, it is important to take texture into consideration. Depending on the hair length of wavy hair, I like using the razor. If the hair is more than an inch to 1.5 inches long, the razor helps remove length bulk, while creating movement that normally tends to "puff" when it becomes grey. Like with any tool, if put into the wrong hands, it could spell TROUBLE! So, beware of Sweeny Todd!!

On really short hair, I machines like clippers create a severe blunt finish to some hair types. Try having your hair cut with the "scissors overcomb technique". It gives a far more superior finish. The stylist can be more versatile with style by following the planes of the head and increasing blending. Try it... you will see the difference.

There are times I still use the clippers for my clients who don't like sitting for too long, just want to get out or are comfortable with the feel and look that it gives. In this case, your wish is my command!!

Product should become a big part of your routine!

Let's talk shampoo and conditioners!
As the hair changes texture and courseness, these would be very helpful. Use a moisturizing shampoo like:

Redkin- All Soft
Paul Mitchell- Tea Tree
Bumble & Bumble- Creme de Coco
Kerastase- Bain #2
Sebastian- Laminates Shampoo

Conditioners that I recommend include:

Redkin- All Soft
Paul Mitchell- The Conditioner
Bumble & Bumble- Super Rich
Kerastase- Lait Vital
Sebastian- Laminates Conditioner

As for styling, definitely without product you can make or break any great haircut. It's actually cheaper than buying a round of drinks for the boys or girls. For short hair, you have a choice of pastes, waxes or pomades. They are all very different. Talk to you stylist and find out which is the best for you. If your salon or barber shop only sells products from the 17th century, then walk into a salon and ask for help!!!

Remember guys, when styling start off with a little product... you can always add more. Emulsify product in your hands to make sure that all of it disappears. This will ensure that there are no clumps (easily mistaken for bird poo) in your hair.

Style with your fingers not the palm of your hands. This way you can be far more creative and not flatten the hair with the weight of your hands.