Saturday, April 19, 2008


As usual, I love sharing photos of my clients as they leave my chair. Enjoy!

I know that it's early, but looking after your blond hair this summer should be one of the key things on your agenda! Start the conversation with your hair stylist as to what's best for your hair and how to maintain it.

Let's begin with your tools and hair products. Some of the must haves are:


Eva was the first person that I met that really believed in this brush and she passed one down to me. These brushes are that amazing! They are like gold for the hair dressers in our salon. We have them under lock and key. The mixture of the bristles and the cushioned base makes this brush the perfect match for healthier hair.


These are ideal for combing your hair when wet. Always start combing from the ends working your way up to the root.There are so many great leave in conditioners to match with this tool and please don't be afraid of making the hair too heavy by over conditioning. Just apply 3-4 inches off of the scalp through the ends.


Stay away from hair clips that look like they can hold a house together in a hurricane! All they do is damage the hair. Find professional hair clips that have no sharp jagged teeth and while you are at it please do not use rubber bands or elastic hair bands that have tiny metallic threads in them. Listen to me sista!!


My favorites for blonds are Kerastase Age Recahrge, Bumble & Bumble Creme de Coco, Paul Mitchell Modern Elixirs Color Therapy and AlpaParf Splendore Shampoo


Bumble & Bumble Super Rich, Paul Michell Modern Elixir Conditiner and Biolage Hydra-seal leave in Conditioner.


Ultra-hydrating balm by Biolage, Diamante by AlpaParf, Age Recharge by Kerastase and Redken All-Soft Heavy cream

And for the blonde that has to soak in the sun from head to toe, the Gelee Aqua is the perfect "wet suit " for your hair. This is amazing and I have many confessions to confirm that it's worth it.