Sunday, June 22, 2008


I must admit, I enjoy sharing my growing knowledge of my profession with you. It feels good to see that people are enjoying writing their beauty secrets and their beauty questions to my personal email: Please keep the questions coming, and I promise to share all of my knowledge with you.

I decided to start writing this blog because as avid readers of beauty information, my friends and I sometimes feel a disconnect with what we're reading. We often wonder if we're alone. As my clients and I chat about our products and our hair, we've realized that the information out there is not only overwhelming, but some of it isn't realistic. Information should feel reachable to everyone, regardless of how much money they make. As I do with my clientele, it's important that one give a wide-range of advice, keeping in mind that we're all talking to real people with very different beauty challenges. It's important as consumers for us to own our individuality without selling our souls to use the Q-tip that a celebrity uses. Know it's just a Q-tip, and it has nothing to do with the celebrity.

Over the years, part of our culture, or should I say the world, has become very celebrity-driven. I would like to share problems and solutions that are real and that happen every day to us all. Do I really need Sarah Jessica Parker's endorsement of baby wipes to help me figure out which one to use? Actually, my own clients come in with questions and great remedies that I trust for all types of products! So, I hope you enjoy my topics, finds, and personal stories and look forward to hearing yours.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Antonio,

Thank you for being so giving. I am using Golwell Topchic to cover my gray hair. The formular is 60 cc developer, 30 6NN 30 7G. I would like to achieve a pretty light brown/Dark Blond color. It is coming out too dark. I had a foil when I first began using it.o you know any Plz help. Do you have any Cape Cod hair connections? Thank You, BE

antonio gonzales said...

First I am so sorry for not writing sooner, I did not see this post for some reason till last week ;(

The color you are using is way too dark.  I would at least use a 30 cc 7NN, 15 cc 7G and 15cc 8NN.  Shampoo first then apply on dried hair on the roots only.  After washing, dry and see if the root is your desired color.  Then mix a fresh set of color for the ends possibly mixing with a little shampoo to dilute. Always do the ends separate.  
Thank you