Friday, June 20, 2008


Summer Fashion in the City

Now that summer is almost officially begun in these parts, I thought I would share with you some quick observations about summer dressing in the city. I have been walking and observing through different areas of Manhattan on typical weekday mornings, uptown, downtown, etc., and here are some thoughts about the fashions I have seen “going to work”.

I have 3 words: boobs, boobs, boobs. I have not seen so much cleavage since my last trip through the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. I am astounded by the proliferation of cleavage that is parading around the streets (and presumably in the offices) of NYC. I know that styles of late have some lower necklines, but please, I am not a prude, but for a sense of decorum, please put a black or white tank top under that revealing top. It’s really difficult for your fellow office mates to concentrate and take you seriously when your poitrine is out there in full view. Rein those girls in! I don’t care if you take your shirt off after work, but while in the office you should project a bit more modesty.

Guys, that goes the same for you. I know that you worked on that chest all winter and are now ready to show it off, but please leave the low cut V-neck T-shirt and muscle T for the jitney after work on Friday!

The flip flop pandemic: For some unknown reason, the otherwise fashion- minded of NYC have chosen to walk in this ridiculous plastic foot wear. I am not talking about the thong sandal. The thong sandal will always have a place in summer attire. I am talking about the $5.99 version with the white plastic sole that you get at Duane Reade or Target. I saw a gentleman waiting for the bus the other day and he had it totally pulled together for the summer; beautiful white linen shirt and pants, Prada sunglasses, the perfect leather bag, gorgeous grey hair, and THERE THEY WERE, the plastic flip flop! He had this great look going on and in my mind he ruined it with the plastic foot wear. I would take a “Reef” style sandal or a woven leather sandal over the plastic. Plastic flip flops are made for the shower. They should stay there.
Bag awareness! Be conscious of what your “bag” is doing to your attire: during the summer months, some women dress in shorter skirts or skimpier tops. (see above!) More than once this week, I have seen someone walking down the street with their bag draped crosswise across their body. Everyone does this, it’s a comfortable way of carrying a heavy load, but through the natural process of walking, the garment being worn becomes twisted and rides up well past the point that it should, giving passers- by a fashion view that the wearer never intended! This is one time that checking yourself out in the reflection of the buildings
pays off!

Peace to All,