Monday, August 4, 2008


As I work with women of all ages and races, I notice a pattern in three particular age groups. Here I am putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys in this case) to share this information. Its obvious to me that their are three major points in a woman's life when she exudes an energy that says she feels secure with herself, and most importantly about her hair. This happens in her 20's, her 40s and her 60s. Let me explain:

Her 20's

When a girl is in her teenage years, she is experiencing a vast change in her appearance from skin to hair. By the time she has turned 20, she has survived the test of peer pressure and of developing physically. She has gone from being mummy's little girl with pig tails, to having a true understanding of herself. Her hair allows her to show the world her concept of style and emotions (I don't mean to sound like DR Phill here). Because of the media young women are more advanced in understanding their fashion sence compared to 15 years ago. When she sits in my chair, mom is not standing behind the chair directing the show ( I like that), so with my help we create a look that feeds her fashion sense.


The trend I see now in this age group is moving away from long hair and into short-short hair. Bobs? Hells no! I mean SHORT. Because of the recent craze where the bob was beaten to a pulp, these girls are bypassing the bob and leaving that look for the older girls (30's and up). They are embracing a trend that has been a comfortable place for many European women for the past 20 years. They no longer need hair to feel safe; they are very secure and want to stand out while still looking FIERCE!.


This group has had time to explore their options where hair is concerned. They have accepted the change of their hair texture which was caused by "natural highlights" (grey hair). As a result they have more than likely entered the world of color or have made the decision to embrace their gray. The hair cut is also important. They know the value of a great hair cut and want a style that is youthful while being age appropriate, for the business woman or stay-at-home mom. Don't get me wrong, a women can wear a modern creative haircut and color at any age. Recently one of my clients gave me an example; At a certain age a woman makes the desicion that mini skirts are no longer appropriate and it's the same with hair.


As far as hair is concerned I see this group heading towards shorter hair as well.. They are willing to push their hair to a new limit in their forties..They feel a little pressured with the media for for all its focus on the perfect skin,hair and perfect woman and are also on to product companies with there names of hair care products like; Age Recharge , slimming fluid, skinny gel and age defying. Change is far more acceptable.


This group has survived another level of pressure and have really grown into there own. They look back and laugh at their hair faux pars and have won the battle of accepting their "natural highlights" (greys) and working with the change in texture as a result. They know what works for them interms of hair color and are open to making a change with it. I consider them to be the blessed group, they smile at new trends of the girls in their 20's, remember the breakthrough of hairstyles in their 40's and now kick back and explore there hair options with their stylist in the prime years.


.When I look around my salon on 15 stylist of differend back rounds and ages we all have one thing in common with this age group, and thats color. And the color is RED . From a full head of bright Copper to warmer brunettes and blonds. Bold is in demand.

© 2008 Antonio Gonzales