Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Hats off to Hana.

I have been accused of preaching that the best hair care product and styling tools makes a big difference in what your hair looks like and how healthy it is. As a result, I am constantly trying new products and tools both salon professional as well as my favorite supermarket finds. I have used the Chi flat iron for many years and loved it. So, recently when I was asked to try, the Hana Iron, a new flat iron, I was a bit hesitant. Was it going to be another iron with a great ad campaign, endorsed by some random celebrity but does not deliver? I opened the package and thought nice packaging, (but we have all been disappointed by a nice package that does not work well). What I found inside was a sleek, easy to hold iron with a heat proof pouch and a heat proof mat to place the iron on. The next day, I was so excited to use my new iron to see if it worked that I wanted to flat iron my cab driver’s hair, (and girlfriend needed it).

Let’s cut to the chase here, this product works and honey, it works really well! Have you ever used a flat iron and the ceramic flakes off? Shame on those companies that try and sell irons that I would not even use on my Barbie (oops). The Hana Iron has a 100% ceramic plate casing, a five-setting, adjustable temperature dial which goes from 140 to 450 degrees and it can be used on damp hair. I loved the fact that the Hanna Iron was light, felt good in my hand and was easy to use. The best part of the Hana Iron, however, was the shine it left on the hair was incredible. Honestly, I have never seen shine like this come from a flat iron unless, of course, product is added at the end. I could make hair curl, flip and fly with this mama.

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Anonymous said...

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