Monday, August 4, 2008


Products in a pinch.

With all the talk about watching how you spend and hair products becoming more and more expensive, I want to guide you in the right direction from my personal experience. Lucky for me I work in a salon and have access to professional products. But when I travel as far as London, I can sometimes forget one of my favorite beauty formulas, and I find myself having to run to the nearest drugstore. I quickly realized that there is a world of hair care that I am missing out on and want to get them to you.

Straightenin gel by Tresemme

I cannot stress enough how much this is a great find. Its less than $6 and works well with out any offensive smell or residue. (Yes the packaging is boring but that's why its so cheap:)

Biosilk by farouk

This is not only great for split ends, its for shine. It's great before
blow drying and especially before flat ironing and works on the legs
when wearing those Mini's, and I'm not kidding. Did I mention cheap?

Garnier brillantine shine wax.

Once you can get past the sweet smell, this product has beat many
expensive waxes to the test (I know I tried). It gives great hold and amazing shine.
I am sure you have seen this product, haven't we all!!

Dove curl and sculpt mousse

Love it. Great for air drying curls. First apply your favorite curl cream then follow with the Dove curl mousse. It's also great for a great blow dry, not for fine hair though it maybe a little too heavy, and don't forget a goes a long way.

Shimmer lights shampoo

I think Christopher Columbus and his posse used this product, as it has been around for a long time. Great for cancelling any yellow tones in grey hair from medication deposits, smoke and product build-up. It's also safe for those brassy blondes.

Soon I will have more products to share so stay tuned...