Saturday, September 20, 2008


One statement that I often hear is, "The last time I had bangs I was six and my mother cut them." Well, you WILL NOT be reliving that experience once I'm around! I myself am still recovering from the bowl cut my mother gave me, so many things that went wrong in my life were as a result of having a bowl cut ;)

A great fringe (bangs) depends on who's behind the chair. It takes a skill and well, common sense to get the fringe to fall just the way you want it. Its also very important that when cutting the fringe that it relates to the rest of the hair cut. Otherwise, you will look like when your mother cut your bangs.

The shape of your face is very important to keep in mind when working with your stylist to determine if bangs are the right look for you. For example, a fringe can make your jaw line appear to be heavier than it actually is, especially if you have a not-too-small forehead and a strong jaw line. Too often, I have clients who saw their girlfriend sporting new bangs and now want the look for themselves. Well, this often turns into the classic example of bangs gone wrong. If you cover the entire forehead, the end result will be draw attention to the chin and jaw line area, making it seem like you have a heavier jaw or rounder face than you actually do.

The next point about having bangs is maintenance. Are you willing to maintain them? Or should the question be, can you maintain them? It’s important to be realistic and not have regrets, especially since it takes time for bangs to grow out

I can style bangs for any shape of face, but you have to remember that it is not all about the fringes! It's also about having a good haircut to support them. For example, if I am doing a haircut on someone with a round face, and they would like short bangs, I would support the change by adding in layers around the face for softness and may even consider changing the length.

Remember, bangs are not to be just slapped on any one’s forehead. They must be planned ahead of time and supported by the right cut.

Here are some dos and don’ts on bangs


A) Have them done by your hair stylist.

B) Ask the stylist for a mini class on styling them

C) Get the right brush if needed. You can't use your big round brush and expect not to look like you are an extra in the movie VALLEY GIRLS

D) Always go back to your hair stylist to get them reshaped.

E) If you see your stylist take the entire front of your hair and claim to be creating bangs, DO grab your clutch purse and run or call 911.


A) Six weeks after a great hair cut don't just hop into some random salon and have Ella Luise and her two left hands ruin your hair cut by touching up your bangs.

B) Personally I recommend that you never cut your bangs your self, I am sorry, it could be the biggest hair mistake you ever made.

C) Don't expect that the bangs on Linda Evangelista will look the same on you.

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