Friday, November 14, 2008


I am a firm believer in " judging the book by its cover" and " first
impression is a lasting impression", so when its comes to dressing I
have fun and like to challenge the ordinary.


The Idea of only wearing a Tuxedo to a formal occasion is just simply
boring, if you pull apart what makes up a tuxedo ( jacket,shirt
cummerbund,trousers) you will realise that it can all be worn at
different times for any occasion. First I must be clear on the type
of tuxedo, I am not talking about the rental box cut tuxedo that's
cut to fit the Egor, that thing always looks like you borrowed it from
your great grandfather and lets not talk about the shoes, those glossy
shoe boxes they call shoes, hells no!!
I'm talking about a tuxedo from J.Lindenburg for example (and other
designers as well). They have added great flair to the traditional
look by making the pant leg far more fitted than usual and adding more
of a casual approach to the shirts which allows you to wear the shirt
with other black pants or even jeans. I wear my tuxedo pants with
black boots and a v-neck t-shirt all the time, this allows me to look
smart and comfortable. For boots designers like Florentine + Baker,
Prada and Poste are a great match. Especially F+B they make shoes that
are handsome (or sexy depending on the man) and are durable, its an
investment but its worth it.

I am very lucky to work in an industry where I am allowed to not only
express myself through hair but also fashion. After many years on
the salon world in Trinidad, Germany, Los Angeles and now New York I
quickly recognised that their is a fine line between trendy and tacky
when it comes to hair salon fashion, so when I had the opportunity to
create a dress code I was excited to have a no jeans policy and allow
a dress to kill sort of dress code (love jeans but we all wear them differently).

Remember there is a fine line between trendy and tacky so be aware.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and there's a fine line between looking like oo7 and a waiter.

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