Thursday, December 4, 2008



I write to you asking your advice on my hair. It is in a terrible state. I relaxed my hair with Mizani hair relaxer fo about two months now and use mizani products as well. I have purchased a reconstructor conditioner, a normal conditioner, shampoo and hair dressing lotion. I have also recently and bought a Dominican deep conditioner that a girlfriend of mine uses in between her relaxers. She says it helps to protect her hair while moisturizing it. So far, with all the new and different products, I am still not happy with my hair. In fact, it seems more unhealthy, my ends could use a cut but then my hair would be a lot shorter and I don't want short hair.



I have heard about their products but when I tried them I felt they were a little bit too oily. Instead of using the entire line you can mix it up a bit with other products for your hair type as well.


How often are you shampooing? You should be shampooing your hair about two to three times a week at most. If you like to shampoo more often, in between shampooing your hair, you can rinse only and use a conditioner without shampoo. The conditioner will freshen your hair without stripping its basic oils.


When was the last time you had a hair cut? It's very important to have a hair cut every six to twelve weeks. This actually keeps the hair healthy by getting rid of split ends which eventually continue splitting up the shaft and breaking in the middle of the shaft. Your hair grows 1/4 to 1/2 inch a month so you should not worry about growing it longer if that is your goal. If you just remove the split ends during your cut, you hair will be healthier and growth will be faster.


Be very careful with oil based products. I remember growing up in Trinidad and we would put every imaginable oil on our scalp, olive oil, cooking oil, child even car oil! (just kidding). If you leave oily products on your face over night, it will break out. The same holds true for your scalp. It needs to breath. Take notice of older Indian women in Trinidad who have thinning hair as they age, child is de OIL!!!


Be careful that the products you are using are more moisture base than oil base. As we know the idea in the Caribbean is that oils moisturize. Well that is wrong. The scalp produces enough oil without adding more to it ( for most of us). Moisture equals water, not oil so be sure your products are water based and not super oily. My favorite hair mask is Kerastase Age Recharge. It’s amazing!! I have recommended this product to clients who now swear by it.

I wish you great hair!!



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