Thursday, December 25, 2008


From my experience living in New York and my association with many people who possess a strong sense of fashion, I've learned that it's important not to ignore the fashion influence of hipsters. It's obvious that there are many interpretations of hipster style in New York City, but what about hipster hair (HH)?  Williamsburg hipsters in particular make an impression of originality when it comes to hair.  Most times they'll sit in my chair and the beginning of the cut has already been started in their bathroom the night before .  So together with my professional skill and their personal style and vision, a look is born.   Sometimes their creative juices may be flowing too fast for the hipster (nice way to say " bad idea") and it's my job to channel the flow of the juices to get the right look.   When we're in synch we can create hair styles that are hard to imitate. The idea is for the hairstylist to help direct the emergence of the look that wants to be achieved -- all without begging for attention.


What sets long hipster hair apart  are sharp angels and creative, non-traditional shapes that control the exposure of the face. Instead of a long swooping bang, the bang may be cut very short and on an angle exposing the cheek bones.  It can also be longer without  being too blended and having a bit of a dis-connection from the layers around the face..  The paranoia around wanting to hide behind hair is not part of this style -- it's about having hair that is still sexy without being a carbon copy of the most popular runway look.

TIP:  I recommend avoiding popular celebrity cuts; they can be a little safe.  You're better off looking on line at blogs, and images of some recent pics from stylists and hairdressers of there own creations.


This is a popular  length for the Williamsburg hipster, especially since he or she lives in a mainstream culture that loves long hair.  With short hair the look can consist of many versions of the shag, super-short feminine cuts with exaggerated long bangs or just a short cut that exposes the face in a way thats not usual, particularly for women.  I love cutting the hair of these trendsetters because is a joint effort where rules are broken and something fresh is always waiting to be discovered.  

TIP:  Short choppy hair for men and women is not hipster hair; short hair can have some classic elements like Beetles hair with an original twist like a spiky top etc.


This one is huge!  What I've noticed is a demand for natural hair color to be enhanced with darker shades to add depth or lighter sections of color.  Its very different from punk hair, so don't think that you have to have a great level of contrast between light and dark chunks.  When I speak to other hairstylists in New York we agree that it's about cutting first then coloring after so you know the shape you're working with which helps in deciding on the contrast you wish to create.

TIP: Work together with your hairstylist on a color that can be created for you, its very easy to customize your own color.  You may also have color in your fashion that you prefer. Think about this when you decide on your color.

Makeup by Frank Kammerer -

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julie said...

hey antonio,
i cannot believe it i just looked at this post on your site yesterday! and today you left me a comment. odd coincidences are so interesting. great post. LOVE it. i'm currently working on one about guys' hair that i hope to post tomorrow.

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