Saturday, December 6, 2008


A great cut for extremely thick hair is having a more textured look. The idea is to remove bulk while keeping a masculine shape. So to have visible texture I started by dry cutting his hair with scissors keeping in mind that a heavier feel is still important to the client. Now guys, beware of stylist that are thinning shears happy, that can work against your cut and remove too much hair and create an unwanted texture. When styling textured,thick hair,it's important to towel dry well before applying product. Use a paste that's soft enough to spread through the hair easily without leaving white clumps that look like bird poop. To apply spread product in your hands then apply evenly through the roots to the ends of your hair, starting at the back, then sides (even behind the ear) then moving forward to the front. This is important to give thick hair great hold. Never style with the palm of your hands, only with the finger tips. The Shape paste by Shu Uemura is an ideal product to use. As with any hair type you don't have to shampoo every day - maybe you can skip one day and just rinse and condition instead.


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