Friday, March 27, 2009


Eva Scrivo Salon will be officially opening our new salon on March the
31st in the Meat Packing District. The new salon is located at 407
West 13th St between Washington St and 9th Ave on the second floor.
Our new salon offers full hair services, manicures, pedicures and
makeup. We have 15 stations with our signature tall mirrors against
the wall and the big windows facing south on West 13th Street give
enough natural light to brighten the color stations which is ideal for
the perfect hair color results. Apart from the gorgeous set up, there
is a private color room for our male clients (as per my request) and a
lounge for private parties at Eva’s request. When you call for an appointment with me you will be directed to the
West Side Salon only.

Since you're in my hood, why not take advantage of the opportunity to
have a Tuna Tar Tar to die for? Frederick's, located at 637 Hudson
Street (at the corner of Horatio), is a cobble stone’s throw away from
the new salon and happens to be one of my favorite places in the Meat
Packing District for lunch and dinner. I love the comfortable feeling
I get every time I go there to eat, from the big deep chairs, to the
very attentive service. And I have to mention Frederick (if I don't,
I'm not Antonio) NICE!! As for my clients, I will be personally
asking Frederick for a menu to keep in the salon and we will be more
than happy to order and collect your lunch for you. :)

As many of my clients know, I have an weakness for eye wear and have
collected over a dozen from my favorite eye glass shop, Artsee. Men
are not as fortunate as women when it comes to accessories, so I have
discovered that eye wear can certainly transform any look I am trying
to create. Whenever I travel internationally, eye wear is the one
thing I look for and I always return to Artsee. The service is great
and the style is timeless. The best part is Artsee is located at 863
Washington Street, around the corner from the new salon.


ARTSEE (212) 414-0900