Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Hi, Antonio,

I just learned about you through an article you did for About.com. How nice of you to share so much good advice with ordinary people!

Could you please answer a question about Wella's Color Touch for me? Since reading your recommendation for this product, I've decided to try it for my red hair which is beginning to turn white around the face. I already use a mixture of Wella's Color Charm for the roots, and around my face. I'd like to use the Color Touch to blend in my ends and to add shine. I don't like to run the permanent color through the length of my hair. Until I started researching the product, I didn't realize that a developer was required with the Color Touch, and I'm not sure which strength to use. Also, wouldn't Color Touch be considered more of a demi-permanent color than semi-permanent because of this? Any advice that you can give me would be most appreciated.


Thanks so much for writing! You are right Wella Color Touch is a demi-permanent color. It comes in two levels of peroxide, 1.9% which is approximately a 7 volume and 4% which is approximately a 12 volume. The reason for the different strengths is for controlling deposit and for grey blending. I like using 1.9 for that deep rich deposit and the 4% for the client that may have a few grey hairs to help the color penetrate better. The reds in this line are beautiful, hold well and shine for weeks. I agree with not putting permanent color on the ends. I used to work with a Wella educator, Virginia Reardon, and she always said "Only use permanent color for grey coverage and lift." When you need deposit stick with a deposit only color, color touch.

With Color Touch, when choosing your color, always choose a shade lighter than your desired shade, because it always deposits a shade darker. Also you can apply the root color and then 10 or 15 minutes later add the end color for the remainder of the time. You be the judge where the amount of time is concerned. Why don't you ask your stylist to try using Koleston Perfect by Wella on your roots? That way you could match the color on the ends to what is on the roots. Think about it.



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susieq said...

how do i color very light%100 grey hair(regrowth) pale blonde? i have a clent with long blonde hair and she dosent know what her other colorist used. help!I need this answer by monday morning!!