Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I wanted to begin by addressing the one topic that would make the biggest impact in someone's life. After much research with my existing clientele, I decided to focus on what it means to have really useful styling tools and how you can make the right investments without cluttering your cupboard with a ton of unnecessary plastic and metal. I'm here to encourage you to start fresh: take a deep breath, get a loved one to join you on this and dive in to that closet of "hair stuff". Give the things you never use to a loved one or have it recycled. Girl, free up that valuable real estate! Now it's time to decide what stays and what you need to add.

A couple of basic tips for all hair types:

1) Make sure you have a nozzle on your blow dryer.

2) Avoid styling your hair in the bathroom after showering because of the humidity.

3) When choosing round brushes and rollers, remember that the bigger the brush or roller means the less curl you'll end up with. The smaller the brush or roller the more curl you will get.

After this it comes down to specific hair types.


When I do radio shows, the number one concern from my callers is how to add lift to fine straight hair. Yes, we all know that with the right cut, volumizing products or even hair color can give you a little extra volume. But what about a few hot rollers or a little curling iron action? You would be amazed at the difference these two tools can make.

Here are some techniques on how to create longer-lasting lift in your hair. If you look at most magazines you'll see that 80's big hair is out unless it's intentional. So, for a modern appearance with volume, remember the idea is to create lift on the top of the head but not necessarily over the ear. Remember Linda Evans? Who could forget those wings!

After using a volumizing product lean your head forward and pre-dry the root area a little. Then when completed start drying your hair with a round brush, always work with the hair in sections. For lasting volume, I love using Babyliss Pro ceramic hot rollers or the Hot Tools Pro Spring curling irons. Hot rollers are surely not as hot as curling irons so depending on the quality of your hair you should decide which tool is appropriate. Think about the desired look you want to achieve. You generally want to have most of your volume on top. To avoid that springy feel over the ear you may want to refrain from too small rollers over the ear or nape.

Dry a section at a time and place the rollers as you go. While working with sections, be sure to add a softer hair spray to the section before wrapping it around the rollers. If you have extra fine hair you'll want to use less spray. Leave the rollers in for about ten minutes to allow for a good set. Remember you can do this quickly. It does not have to be an all-morning escapade. If you are pressed for time or want a not-too-bouncy feel around the face, use a brush over the ear instead to give a softer feeling with more lift on top from the rollers.

Tip: For a little texture or wave in your hair , towel-dry your hair well then braid it with some Paul Brown Hawaii Hapuna Styling Foam and sleep with it braided. When you wake up, gently un-braid your hair.


The idea is to work with an already curled head of hair adding more definition and sex appeal to your curl. Air dry or diffuse your hair with appropriate curling product. From my experience, a curl cream combined with an alcohol base product makes for a great curl. And remember; always use a tiny bit of heat protection prior to using any iron. After your hair is dried take sections and re-curl with the iron. This will seal the cuticle of the hair giving shine, definition and allowing the hair to repel moisture and avoid frizzing. And if you see steam coming off of your hair from the heat, don't panic, it's a
good thing. It means the hair is being protected by product from the heat. A great trick is instead of opening the clamp of the iron to curl your hair, try actually wrapping the hair around the barrel of the iron while it's closed. Try it -- you'll love it!

Tip: When diffusing, try not to continuously scrunch your hair, this can help create frizziness or unnecessary lift.


Easy! Apply your favorite smoothing lotion, polishing milk, smoothing balm or straightening silicone. (there are so many names these days!) When blow drying your hair, focus on getting the hair smooth and the ends polished. Remember that you will be using a flatiron to further straighten the hair so don't over-dry the hair. After blow drying apply a little serum to your hair avoiding the root area. IMPORTANT! Section your hair into four sections (ear-to-ear and from the center of the forehead to the back of the head). To iron the back right section, turn your head to the left and work with the lower back sections moving up to the crown of the head. Always work with small sections. Do the same with the left side. Then move to the front sections keeping in mind that you can section off the bangs, leaving them for last.


As you flat iron the hair at the top of the head, take sections and wrap them in Velcro rollers. This gives you the look of a great polished head of hair with lift at the top of the head, and every woman looks great with a little body on the top, whether it's curly of


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