Monday, June 8, 2009


Kerastase Resistance Forcintense (5 - 15ml ampoules)

Today I had a consultation with a client whom had a color mishap
at another salon. As we were talking, I focused on what she
wanted and offered my help as best as I could. Her hair was over
lightened and she looked like a single process blond, she was not
happy because she lost all of her low lights. We discussed our master
plan to repair her hair color by primarily using low lights in two
different colors. Then she asked an important question. Is my hair
strong enough to handle more chemical? So I explained to her that the
color has no ammonia and a little peroxide, so it does have some
chemical. I also explained there is an important step we will take
to getting her hair ready for the color process and that's by using
Forcintense by Kerastase.

This product is an amazing treatment that I have my clients take home
to use prior to coloring their hair. It almost prolongs the
strength of the hair and provides vitality to the most weakened hair
in 5 applications. Forcintense allows your hair to withstand any trace of
chemical however small it is in your future hair coloring. Hair is
such a delicate thing that it’s important to treat it well. A little
love goes a long way. This product is a truly progressive
reconstruction program. I have seen it increase durability and a
beautiful shine in my client’s hair. I highly recommend this product
and wish you healthy hair and beautiful hair color.


Anonymous said...

Hello Antonio,
Amazon has this product from different sellers. one of them has 6 applications and the other has 5! You think both are authentic?