Friday, July 10, 2009


Living in NY I find myself amazed by how fast trends come, get chewed up by the every day New Yorkers and then spit out as something totally new. I have been keeping a close eye on men's hair trends for the winter/spring. The short sides and longer tops was a hit on the run ways and on the street. There were so many versions of this style that I found myself walking down Broadway in Soho just to see how the style could be twisted. Then It seemed that for a certain group of young men it was time for the Mohawk to make a come back. No not the 10 inch tall Mohawks of the punk era or the one worn by today's Goth followers, but a refined version that has embraced my many ethnic backgrounds. What I find really interesting is the men who are now sporting the Mohawk are not the type that would normally wear a Mohawk.

Here are a few shots I took people I saw on the streets.

And here are 2 versions of the HAWK that I did to share with my readers.

Enjoy and I wish you to be inspired.