Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well, well... Bumble and bumble you did it again, you brought us a product that surpasses expectations. The Gellac is one of the most fun, creative products that Ive use since the Xtah line by Sebastian. I used the Gellac on myself to see what the big deal was. I read so many blogs that talked about the product but no one talked about using it on them selves. Well hello how can you recommend a product if you don't use it? Well that's what comesse is about, bringing you the truth.

I have been wearing my hair longer and it got warmer I decided to start using a gel and slicking my hair back. My hair texture is fine and curly, wavy on top and tight curls on the side (from my Ethiopian heritage). As it got longer I wanted something stronger, real strong! And my prayers were answered. I towel dried my hair as usual and applied a quarter size amount of Mizz Gellac. I quickly realised that I was able to play with my hair and sculpt a shape that was difficult to do with regular gel. The hold is amazing, the shine like glass and the best part is when it dries it can be brushed out. And guess what, when I brushed out my dried slicked back hair it was gorgeous!! If I may say so myself :)

I wish you fierce hair!!


Michael said...

Great review.. I will have to try it out!