Sunday, August 23, 2009


As I work with so many different product lines I am eager to bring you my results. As you already know I do not discriminate towards any product as long as it works. No what matter the price is, I will try it. Today I'm writing about one of the top product lines in the world from L’Oreal. Child, let me tell you, I love me some L’Oreal! Ever since I was a teenager in the Caribbean, I would use with their products. As I move forward in my career, so does L’Oreal with their research to bring you better products.

As consumers, we appreciate that, but then out of no where, they will bring us a product that really makes no sense. I love Kerastase but let’s talk about the Chroma Reflect line from Kerastase. I have no idea where this product belongs on the shelf. They recommend if I need moisture, I should use the Nutritive line (orange). If my hair is breaking, I use the Resistance line (green). If I'm in the sun, I use the Soleil line (red) and if I have scalp issues, I use the Specifique line (white). They are all meant for color treated hair and they all make the hair shine. But with Chroma Reflect they promise me an amazing product for color treated hair and great shine. But guess what,I see blonds using it but it’s not for blonds. It’s not for damaged hair either. Evidently, Chroma Reflect is for healthy Brunettes! Even my clients are confused and I'm as confused as you are. If this line is for healthy hair, why can’t I use the orange line instead? Or does it have shine properties discovered in Mars that are so amazing, they needed to create a separate line of products. Give me a break, I have had this product at my station for the past five years and I have used it twice. I just don't see the need. So in a time where every dollar matters let’s be wise and get a product that we can all agree on that's works.

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Alyson Pemoulie Halter said...

I have no idea what it's for either! I keep using Nectar Thermique...on EVERYONE

antonio said...


Cristin Poloni said...

I get extremely frustrated by all the different hair products and trying to pick the ideal product for my hair type. It would be nice if a hair line would make some products that address many different hair 'issues' in ONE, a conditioner. I have color-treated, dry, breaking, damaged, curly, frizzy, patches of straight, thinning hair. Whoa, is anyone jealous? AH!

antonio gonzales said...

Darling here I am to the rescue! Write to my email I will send you some samples.