Wednesday, September 16, 2009


There is a lot of talk of pre-drying. For the hairdresser, it depends on their personal experience—the way we all see and feel hair can be so different. For the client, they learn from their hairstylist and having worked with their own hair for so long they have an opinion, too. My experience with pre-drying hair is that it can be a cure or a curse.

The advantages of pre-drying:

1) It removes excess water.

2) It avoids unnecessary over working of the hair. Saving the hairstylist from carpel tunnel and the client from whip lash!

3) The blow-dry requires much less time.

4) Some hair types actually respond better when they’re pre-dried about 60% (When you touch your hair and its a little limp from moisture but not enough moisture that your hair feels wet to the touch.)

5) Its a great way to insure volume even before the actual blow-dry starts.

If pre-drying is done incorrectly there can be many disadvantages:

1) It can make frizzy hair even frizzier

2) It can create unnecessary volume if you are looking for super sleek look.

3) It can make certain hair types too full so that when you try to refine the blow dry it takes twice as long to bring the hair back down to earth.

4) It can create dry ends that are difficult to polish, which then results in over-dried ends.

5) It can flatten the roots and make it difficult to get volume, which then has you doing back flips and squats to get some lift.

TIPS on pre-drying:

1) You need to know when to use your hands and when to use a brush—don’t get those two tools confused. This will also depend on your hair type so talk to your hairdresser.

2) Always make sure there is styling product in your hair when pre-drying, this will give you manageability from the get-go.

3) If you have wavy or curly locks but want smooth or sleek, remember, throwing your hair over and between your legs and drying it like a madwoman is not the answer. This only creates volume.

4) If you have pin straight hair the madwoman technique mentioned in #3 would be great for you.

Ultimately, talk to your hairdresser and get tips on how to make your life easier and enjoy your beautiful cut.


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