Sunday, October 4, 2009


Now is a time when we consider changing our hair color as the season changes. This is usually the time we tend to go a little darker. Be it low lights, darker shades of blond or back to natural, we all feel the need to add some richness to our summer blond. As we already know with fall and winter our skin tones begin to fade and being too blond can leave you looking a little washed out. If you are blond and wish to be a bit richer, why not be creative with your color?

rather than simply settling for low lights here are some tips to get you on the right track. I like looking at the hair from the back first, then the sides and the front last. I am able to get a complete view of my canvas this way. The head is round, so when we look in the mirror we only see a small piece of the pie. Keep this in mind as you are brainstorming about your color transition.

This a great time to apply some different shades of depth to your hair than normal. Consider having richer tones in the back then gradually place some deeper blond pieces through the front that are of a Cognac or medium golden blond tone. Another option would be to create depth by working with what you have at the back after a couple of months of not having your color done. This can be done by keeping the entire lower back of the hair at a soft light brown. This method allows the contrast of the depth in color to bring the focus to the top of the head. Then when you are comfortable you can gradually include more dark pieces through the back and front hair line (Not too dark that it looks fake or like you are training in beauty school and finally discovered hair color! Believe me, I remember my days).

I haven't forgotten about my brunettes! If you are a brunette it's a great idea to foil or paint a darker color rather than color the entire head. This gives dimension and still leaves you with that summer sparkle. Also try to experiment with shades of brown, and please DO NOT be afraid of warmth!! I have converted many women that were afraid of warmth. It does not have to be that WARM = Red!

Enjoy my darlings!!

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