Thursday, October 1, 2009


This is a topic that I get a lot of questions about so I could never write enough about it.

The reasons men enjoy their grays:

1) For the younger guys, it gives them the confidence in a work place where they may be considered young.

2) Some feel it gives that distinguish look for the ladies ;)

3) 50% of the men I work with, honestly, don't even care.

4) 10% care but pretend not to because of that bad memory of uncle Harry as a child with orange hair.

The reasons men don't enjoy the grays:

1) They may actually need to look younger in a competitive work place.

2) Some men are not blessed with great skin and age faster than others, a little color helps.

3) The texture can drastically change a gray blend with demi-permanent color. It can help calm the coarseness.

4) There are men that experience premature gray hair and the fight is too exhausting.

Mistakes made in Men's hair coloring:

1) Some men don't even know that they have a safe option to color

2) Colors are too red.

When working on men's hair the idea is to stay away from the warm tones and go with more neutral or Ashy tones. Its more masculine.

3) The hair color is way too dark.

Guys, if you are in your sixties chances are you have at least one strand of gray hair—like, hello!

4) Using permanent hair color.

This is the #1 mistake. Permanent hair color is way too harsh and covers too well. It is called gray blending not gray disappearing!

5) Leaving out the sideburns.

Okay please don't walk around with white sideburns and the rest of your hair is jet black, unless you are on the set of the Sopranos.

6) Bad highlights.

(this is a whole other article!)

Tips on getting great hair color

1) Do your research on a good colorist, then when you find one have a consultation. Take a photo from a Men's magazine.

2) Wearing your hair a little longer is worth it, this hides the roots a little and you don't keep having the color cut off every 4 weeks.

3) Finding a hairstylist that can offer more that 3 techniques to blending grays.

4) Leave drugstore hair color for the ladies, they seem to have better luck.

5) Maybe it is just meant to be… embrace it!


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