Friday, November 9, 2007


Hello Everyone!

I am excited to offer a place for my clients and future clients to view my weekly happenings in the salon as well as updated information, photos and some of my favorite links.

You are more than welcome to join in on my discussions. If you have any beauty challenges, please feel free to post your questions or comments, and I will be more than happy to answer them.

I would like to mention a few successful business. This month I would like to highlight the following:

-James Abel Events, Wedding & Events Planning Company

-The Pet Buddy, Premium Pet Boarding & Pet Sitting

For more information, please visit their links!



Danielle R. said...

Dear Antonio: Please HELP!! I have recently moved to Louisiana where I have found the water to be very awful and full of calcium and lime which has stripped the beautiful GOLDWELL color right out of my hair. The closest salon from where I am currently living (Ft Polk military base) is over 200 miles away. The stylist I went to for information here ( i would not let her touch my hair once she said she had never heard of GOLDWELL - they use WELLA in their salon) she stated that she would be willing to apply the GOLDWELL color to my hair if I provided the color. I found your blog and was very impressed with your answers and honesty of your conversations. Would you be willing to help me and tell me where I can purchase the products so I can continue to take care of my hair? I would appreciate any information you have. Thank you for taking the time to reas this, Danielle : aka...fading in the bayou!!!

antonio gonzales said...

Hi Danielle,

Thank you for writing and reaching out for help ,yes you do have a challenge and should protect your investment ( your hair/color) .what I need you to do is ask the Salon if it is Wella charm or wella koleston perfect/ color touch , I use Goldwell and Wella Koleston perfect which is very different from Wella color charm , color charm is very  " old school "  and I am never happy with the results, although I know many top salons in New Your that still use it ( shame,shame,shame.).
This information will be very helpful because I can guide you in choosing a Salon and help me give you the correct advice. If that fails then go online and find a beauty supply that sells goldwell and get a color swatch book or google Goldwell Salons and Wella Salons in your area maybe they can help.Then call me at the Salon , (212-677-7315) we will take it from there. I have clients that moved and this is how we solved the problem.
Hope to hear from you soon.