Friday, November 9, 2007

Visual Strategy With Elaine Armstrong

Elaine Armstrong is one of my long-standing clients. She has an incredible sense of style and keen eye for fashion. I would love to share her talent with you!

What is Visual Strategy? In our everyday lives we create strategies for all facets of our

lives; our career, our money, etc. A strategy gives you an advantage in that it is a clear path for what you need to do to get results. One of the areas that people often neglect or don’t understand is the importance of is their own visual strategy, their outward appearance that the world sees. This forms people’s perceptions of who we are and where we are in our lives.

“I see so many clients who get frustrated with their personal appearance – what to wear, what color palette, hairstyles, etc. Clients who understand the importance of image, but no clue as to how to get started or pull it all together. I can make that process so much simpler for you.”

About Elaine: A design industry veteran with a distinctive approach to fashion and style, Elaine’s 20 years of fashion experience gives her unique insight into helping clients sort through the fashion clutter to define and develop their own personal style and transform it into an attractive, smart reality, suitable for their career, lifestyle and personality.

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