Sunday, March 16, 2008


I am happy to have this conversation on this topic. So, many of us have been affected by this disease. It has no prejudice.
I am not the only hairstylist that has had to walk a client through the change of his/her hair after treatment. As a hairstylist, I understand how important it is to know how to provide advice for my client to cope with this life changing experience. I often hear that after everything is discussed about treatment with the patient, one of the important questions that is asked is, "What about my hair?" On top of everything else the client and his/her family must experience, there is also the loss of one's hair to deal with. I can't imagine how difficult this must be, but one thing I do know is we are here to help.

So many times I have seen individuals hair change completely after treatment. I mean the hair was straight before and then it's now curly. Not just wavy, I mean curly! Most times it's expected, but still it's always a shock to the client and the hair stylist the way it looks, feels and the texture can vary; for everyone it is different. As you can imagine, it takes skill and a true understanding of hair to make someone who has had a certain hair texture all their life to now embrace this new head of hair.

The next step is for the client is to think fast and find a stylist that they feel comfortable with for so many reasons. No one deserves to be treated like they are different. The hairstylist must be sensitive enough to listen and embrace the emotions behind the client, who wants guidance to cope with their new locks. The stylist must also be able to assess the client's response to his/her new hair, decide on what changes can be made that would not only convince the client that their hair is going to look great, but that she may even love it after all (even sooner than they think)!

This is where creativity comes in. How can I make someone who has someone else's hair love it, feel sexy and still feel that they are the same person? How about color (because that changes as well) ? So, do you get it ? This is life changing and you the stylist must be able to deliver more than ever because strong emotions are involved , rightfully so. This is possible and happens all the time, with the right product recommendation and a creative eye you can give an amazing new look!

I recommend allowing the hair to grow about 2 inches and see a stylist when you feel comfortable. Please understand that your existing stylist can do a great job. He or she knows you, your style and has had a rapport with you for sometime. It is important to know short, curly or straight hair is sexy all you need is the right set of hands behind you. Start conditioning treatments right away; getting the texture hydrated is very important. It makes the hair stronger, shinier and its ability to with stand coloring is improved ( if coloring is needed ). A great shampoo and hair mask is Age recahrge by Kerastase, try it!! It's amazing!!!

To be continued with some great short cuts.


Anonymous said...

You are right, Antonio. Kerastan hair mask is totally wonderful. Thank you so much for recommending it, my hair is so healthy and shiny now.