Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Is the Flat Iron bad for the hair?

OK Let's get down and dirty here! I am so tired of hearing how bad the flat iron is for your hair! Well, I have seen my share of damaged hair that was caused by hair color, like when they keep sticking you under the heat to help process your bleach and you end up with, well...bleach + heat most of the time equals BREAKAGE!

Let's not talk about other tools like the Hairdryer for example. I see some hairdressers placing the nozzle directly on the hair and child it smell like burnt toast. So, give me a break! Once it has been used properly you can remain with gorgeous, hydrated hair . Now that I got that off my chest....

Which is better Metal or Ceramic ?

When they first started making flat irons they were huge and had metal plates. We loved them because finally there was a heated tool to help make the hair straight that was manageable and it worked. It could also be used on all hair types giving a finish that did not look like an old fashioned hot comb was used. Then like everything else they improved the quality, design and started making smaller irons. Before you knew it, everyone and their dog was making them. The problem with the metal plates was it dehydrated the hair, while placing the metal on the hair. This became very abrasive and the plate would eventually become dark and burnt looking.

The ceramic iron was introduced and became the popular iron on the market, not only were they a lot, smaller they are far more gentle on the hair shaft leaving the hair with a silkier, more polished feel.

Is there a difference between a cheap and an expensive iron?

If you mean business and want straight hair, a professional iron is the way to go .
The cheaper irons may not last for a year, they will never get your hair straight enough and work best only on hair that is naturally straight (taking care of fly-aways and leaving the hair some what tamed). The ceramic plate on the cheaper irons are also just a thin layer of ceramic that eventually flakes off and you can see the metal peeping through.

My professional ceramic Iron last me at least year if not more. I have a CHI flat iron, and it is by far my favorite on the market. Not only does it have a thick ceramic plate, Honey you can iron to your heart's delight. It will make that hair slide down your shoulder. They also come in great sizes and provide the ability to curl.  So you don't have to look like you were strapped to an ironing board and "pressed"  Even when you flat Iron the hair with a loose curl, the cuticle is flattened and allows the hair to repel frizzing a lot longer than normal.

What conditioning should the hair be in prior to using the iron?

It's all about the prepping. After shampooing and conditioning, towel dry and apply a smoothing product. This helps achieve the break down of the curl without dehydrating the hair; eventually leaving it brittle. I often hear, "I never use product on my hair before blow drying or flat ironing" and can I tell you that it feels like a swift kick in the nuts! Using the right products protects your hair from the intense heat of the dryer and iron and it will cut your time in half by easily smoothing the hair. It also makes it manageable and keeps it healthy. So, blow dry the hair keeping in mind that you will be spending time slowly ironing your hair. Be sure to get the hair line as well and achieve a nice polished look at the ends.

Products to use prior to blow drying:

Matrix Smoothing Lotion, Super Skinny Serum by Paul Mitchell, Straight by Bumble & Bumble , Lait Nutri Sculpt or Oleo Relax by Kerastase (depending on the hair type).


Always before using any iron, use a little serum for heat protection. Decide before ironing if you want to have a real straight finish or more movement with a light bounce. Section the hair into 4 sections, then start with the first section working with very thin sub-sections. Place the iron near the root area then slowly apply pressure to the iron and slide through the ends. when you see steam coming from your hair please don't drop the iron and call 911! It's just product that's protecting the hair. Can you imagine not using product what happens to the hair ? Remember the ads on TV when they will demonstrate your brain on crack by using eggs on a hot plate? Exactly !!

Products to use will be Diamante by Alpha parf, Dee-frizz by Bumble & Bumble, Serum by Kerastase and Biosilk

To be continued.....


Heather said...

Hi Antonio, I was looking at purchasing a Chi iron, but there are so many types and sizes, what type and size would you recommend for someone with medium/fine wavy shoulder length hair. I also have layers in my hair as well. Lastly, what is the best product to use for coating my hair prior to a blowout or ironing?

chi flat iron said...

i have got a chi flat iron. And its really superb.
I had a long curly hair. Now i use chi flat iron before i went to the party. Working so nicely.