Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I want to thank everyone for  your feedback on this topic. I am happy to know we all feel that its a topic worth talking about because some way or another this is part of our lives.

So, now you have some great products to help manage your hair as it is at that awkward in between stage (where it has not fully taken shape  and the texture is still settling in). Here are some tips on things you should look for as you go back into the salon looking for subtle changes to get you to a comfortable place for now.

1) Be gentle with the choice of colors, use demi and semi- permanent colors  that have little or no ammonia rather than permanent colors. It maybe a case of trial and error as you begin to color again. Sometimes the hair may not respond as the stylist expects so be patient.

2) If you decide to highlight... Stay away from Heat, the less stress the better.

3) If your hair is growing in finer than usual at the beginning, stay away form razors and thinning shears. I know, it sounds like everyone should know that right ? Well don't take any chances be aware.

4)This is the time you may want to invest in a great cut, a cut that is strong enough to support any fineness you may have, while leaving you feeling comfortable with your new style..

5) Stock up on great products from shampoos to styling products you would not regret it.

6) This is a great time for change as well, try something different you may like it. So, get your photos ready kick open that salon door and treat your self well. You deserve it dammit!!