Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hair coloring could be the pick-me-up you need after a break-up, a divorce, the loss of a job… or to keep life interesting by adding fun or a kiss of natural highlights. Whatever the reason you choose to color your hair, it’s important to look at it as an investment in yourself. Some people take there hair color very seriously, while others say, “well, it’s just hair.” With that said, as with everything else you invest in, you want to protect it. Here are some tips on being good to your hair color and to help you guarantee a good investment:

A) After getting your hair colored, don't shampoo for 48 hours.

B) Shampoos, conditioners and styling products is a sure way to protect your color. Please don't let the man at the health food store tell you what to use on your hair. His purpose is to give you the right herbs to keep well. The man did not go to beauty school for 2 years and spent ten to 15 thousand dollars understanding all there is to know about hair.

C) When you go to the tanning salon, cover your hair or wear UV products in your hair or it will get lighter, guaranteed!

D) Also, rinse your color with cool water instead of hot.

E) Now, let’s talk a bit about up keeping your color. I recommend pre-booking your next color appointment before leaving the salon so you are not caught Off-guard by three inches of roots. As you know, generally when you come in for a touch-up, in four to six weeks we may do a light soap cap or a gentle glaze on the ends to integrate the color. When you come in eight to 12 weeks later, you actually create more work for the stylist. We not only have serious roots, we also have to re-formulate because of faded ends. And, this is not only a longer process, it places more chemicals on the hair for a longer time, causing more damage and sometimes more money.

F) We all have some sort of gadget with a calender, so put it to good use by reminding yourself of our up-coming appointment!

My approach is: healthy hair is everything. So, listen to your hairstylist. We are not trying to make a commission by making product suggestions. We actually care about your hair. I often hear, " I have tons of products in my cupboard," which means you have crap that's not being used and is taking up valuable room. Remember that products have a shelf life, so it may be time to get rid of that shampoo you bought in 1972. I recommend bathing your pets with it, or emptying the contents down the drain and recycling the empty containers. Save the planet while you're at it. Its very important to remember: don't let the products you don't need stop you from buying the products you need.

I wish you great hair color!

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