Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Summer Sober
with Jeanette Bronee, Nourishment Counselor, Path for Life Self-Nourishment Center, NYC

It might not be quite what you think – it is not just about drinking. It is about food. It is about being in balance for and through the summer. We tend to go a bit "overboard" when the sun comes out and the air gets warmer. We are excited about the new season and cannot wait to shed a layer.

With that comes fruit and salads. We crave more freshness and coolness. We crave to come out from under the blanket of comfort, from the winter of staying inward and open up to the lightness. This does mean lighter foods, cooler drinks, and more fruit. That does sound familiar and nice right?

How to get ready for this though –how to rid of the blanket and get the summer feeling into your body? Many tend to do a detox or faste right now. That can be great, but not right for everyone. It is right if you are going to change choices afterwards, if it is the start of the new season. It is not a good idea if you are just going back to the stimulants and food that clog you up afterwards.

Why not eat healthier? Is it not good to cleanse your body and reset the "buttons"? It is – but it is also something that looks like a yo-yo diet to your body. What you eat for summer could add on more layers instead. Especially if you eat a lot of fruit, which your body will then just welcome as another way to put the fat back on.

So what do I recommend? I always go for the more natural and gentle way. I believe in self-care and self-love. Not self-abusive dieting and fastes that send a message of punishment to you body for the food choices of the past. When I do detox programs with my clients, they are a longer step-by-step process that allow the body to adjust.

This is what you can do to get you feeling lighter:

Start your day with a nice big glass of clean water, you might want to add some lemon.
Better yet, get a nice juice of greens. Not of fruit as much as of greens. Don't add dairy and soy and all that creamy stuff. This is a cleansing juice, not a meal in a glass. If you want my favorite one that I get in powdered form, email me. (jeanette@pathforlife.com)

Have fruit as snack in between your meals instead of icecream and iced coffeecinos. (not sure if they came up with that name yet but they can have it)

Choose lots of leafy greens, not just your average head lettuce. Try out all the new fresh greens that are available now. Some are spicy some are bitter. They are all amazing and healthy for you. (And no, spinach is not that healthy for you). Sprouts are wonderful right now too and very potent for being so small. They do carry all the power for the future plant to be. Add lots of nice veggies to it and choose fish and beans before meat. And, remember avocado and nuts are for good protein and fat.

Skip the bread and flour product, and the cookies.

Drink water. It is refreshing and it helps your body get rid of winter gung.

Enjoy and see if you need the full detox. If you do, call me.