Monday, May 12, 2008


One of my clients came into the salon and instantly I noticed something very different: her hair was sooo thick. I commented, “Darling, your hair is gorgeous!” She just shrugged. Two months later, she admitted she was pregnant. Let me tell you, honey: the next time you think you are pregnant, just book an appointment and I will do the rest! LOL!

This is an important topic. I encounter many challenges with my clients as they prepare to go through the changes that happen with their hair during pregnancy.
So, even before you are pregnant and you start thinking about having the stork deliver you a bundle of joy, here are some helpful tips:

A) If you have short hair, think about whether or not you would like to keep short hair as you gain weight. I recommend growing your hair a little to create some soft layers against the cheek and neck line. As
time passes and you get closer to giving birth, think about what makes you look great. But, more importantly, think about what’s easy to manage.

B) If you have long hair, I would recommend making a change. Length is good to have, but please do not condemn yourself to a ponytail during pregnancy and after giving birth. I strongly advise my clients to have fun with there hair during pregnancy, and to make some changes while one can, while working towards a desired look.

C) Some women may want to consider growing out bangs or fringes as well. It can be miserable having bangs while trying to nurse a baby and do your daily chores.

D) If you plan not to color your hair during pregnancy, start going darker gradually long before you even become pregnant. This way you won't have to worry about missing color appointments in your first four months of pregnancy and showing roots.

E) Whatever your hair texture, start working on techniques to achieve quick, easy styles. You can even invest in some beautiful hair bands. Have a look at the salon website. Eva has designed some beautiful hair accessories.

To be continued…