Monday, May 12, 2008


I decided to put three products to the test and share my experience with you from a hairdresser’s point-of-view. The three products are: Alfaparf Cristalli Illuminating polish, American Crew Classic wax , and Garnier Fructis brilliantine shine wax.

After using the three, it was clear to me which was my favorite. I tried them on short, towel-dried hair, medium-length dried hair, and as a finishing polish on long blow-dried hair.

The Alfaparf illuminating polish had a great smell, was easy to apply, and worked great on short, fine, or thick hair. On short hair, it was great for creating texture without feeling like super glue. I also used a tiny bit on the ends of a blow dry: it was perfect! The shine was incredible, it was easily removed from the hair with one shampoo, and it’s not expensive.

The Fructis shine was my next favorite. The hold was not as good, but, it smelled great. Also, it is water-based, so it’s easily removed from the hair, and cheaper too. As you already know, you can find this product at every corner.

The American crew classic wax was thicker than the first two. The smell was not my favorite (which is just my opinion) and it had less shine. Also, it was not as easy to remove from my hair.

So, Alfaparf: you get the AFG stamp of approval.

Stay tuned for more ratings of some of your favorite products, and new products on the market, too.