Monday, October 13, 2008

AFG's Guide to products you must have.

These three products smell lovely, leave the hair with optimum shine and are great for stressed hair. So of course they get my stamp of approval.

Midollo Di Bamboo

Now, I have two words for you: Shaper Paste.

Shu Uemura recently launched there hair care line and I love it. The Shaper paste is nicely packaged, good for the hair, smells clean and a tiny bit goes a long way. I can use this on all hair types as well, even on damp hair. For me, most importantly, it can be easily applied, washes off easily, and delivers great hold. By golly, it works!

Mist oleo-curl

This is a light refreshing spray that helps the finest curly hair, most of all it never builds up on the hair and smells great.

Illuminating design gel by Alfaparf

easily one of the best gels on the market. It's great for blow drying or just leave-in and allow to dry without major flakes. This is the #1 purchase from my male clients.

Club Nancy Boy, need I say more? Talk about a delicious line of products for anyone who can appreciate the good stuff..

Tonic spray by Bumble&Bumble

This light leave-in conditioner is a must have for everyone. It can be used to refresh curls and revamp bangs. It's great for the man on the go, just mist and out the door.

Shimmer lights shampoo

I think Christopher Columbus and his posse used this product, as it has been around for a long time. Great for cancelling any yellow tones in grey hair from medication deposits, smoke and product build-up. It's also safe for those brassy blonde's.

Straight by Bumble&Bumble

This is a great for well, making hair straight!  A little goes a long way so be gentle with the squeeze..


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