Monday, October 13, 2008


Cellophane's hair gloss by Sebastian

Cellophane's come in many different shades which allow you to actually add temporary tones of color to your hair. They can be used after highlights or single processes. They can be used at the end of summer to add shine to dry, sun damaged hair and they are even safe for teenagers.

I use this in the salon.

This is the Sheer lacquer hair spray by she Umeura.

On my search to find a hair spray that did not have an overpowering fragrance I came up with one product which smells great and holds well. Also, the spray is super fine which is always a plus! You can purchase it online through the Eva Scrivo Salon website at or at

Illuminating hair polish by AlfaParf

The Alfaparf illuminating polish has a great smell, it's easy to apply, and works great on short, fine, or thick hair. On short hair, it's great for creating texture without feeling like super glue. I also can use a tiny bit on the ends of a blow dry: it was perfect! The shine was incredible, it was easily removed from the hair with one shampoo, and it’s not expensive.

Get it @

Pure diamond crystals by Alfaparf

Semi Di Lino Diamante is another great product by Alfaparf. It is a light weight serum that moisturizes incredibly well and is great for all hair types. I use this on curly hair at the end of the styling, whether wet or dry. Also, I use it before blow drying, and I find that it’s especially amazing to use a few drops prior to flat ironing. Just look at that packaging child! Get one now, you will thank me for it.

Get it @

Hair powders by bumble&bumble

Hats off to this company for stepping up and supplying the need to improve a product which has been used for many years. They not only improved the content, they packaged it so it comes in two sizes: a travel size and a larger package. It also now comes in different colors and is easy to use.

Get it @


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