Saturday, November 22, 2008


Is your man's hair getting you down? Do you feel a little defeated by his old hairdo? Do you think he needs to be a little, refreshed? Well, have I got the solution for you? Yes, I do! In addition to a new ‘do, a new hairdresser may do the trick.

Ladies, I too have dated that special someone in the past with the hairdo from hell. Can you imagine how hard it is for me as a hairstylist to walk around with someone who sports a back-to-front mullet!? Can you feel my pain? In some cases, especially in a new relationship, you may not want to rock the boat too soon. But there are also the long-term relationships, which is when you can be downright honest. Either way, here are a couple of winning lines and tactics to get the boys on the right track:

1) “Honey, I saw this guy at work today and his hair looked so good. He had hair like yours. Should we find out who does his styling?”

2) “I saw my stylist cut this guy’s hair today, You should try him. He is great with men's hair.”

3) “Munchkins, how long have you had that haircut?” (Then, follow with silence.)

4) General rule: Find a celebrity (a good-looking one) who he looks like and mention the similarity, particularly the hair.

5) Get him a gift certificate for a good salon. Men love surprises too.

6) Accidentally pour a can of paint over his head. He will have to get all of it cut off. (I’m just kidding, you crazy girl.)

7) Visit his current hair dresser down some dark alley and pay him or her off to leave town. (This time, I’m serious.)

The above was outlined for beginners. For those of you who know your man well enough, do as follows:


Honey, you know I care about your appearance as you do mine. I really feel that it’s time for you to start seeing someone new for your haircut. I know you can look so much better.


But, I have been going to the same person for so long, I would feel so guilty.


I know, honey. Let’s do what I did with my stylist when I dumped him: I sent a card with some chocolates thanking him for his years of service, and it was all fine. (Then, smile and count to 10)

Child, if that fails, you need to hire a hit man. (Again, I’m just kidding. Don’t you dare spend that hairstyle money on a thug!)

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