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My hair care combo of the week

It seems like some people still feel that it may be against the product laws to combine two totally different products. There are times when I am on a shoot and I might have forgotten one of my favorite products. I never worry as I simply run to the nearest Drug store or Ricky's and either look for my product of choice or get creative. I find myself even mixing all natural products with products that are, well, just not natural (to think!) Trust me when I say your hair will not explode! First, some rules on mixing products.

1) It is totally fine to mix your favorite drugstore find with a salon professional product. No one will know :)

2) When cocktailing products, instead of mixing two products at the same time in your hands, layer the products on your hair.

3) It will be a case of trial and error for different products and hair types. So alternate the product you apply first when layering till you feel it works for your hair and the style you are trying to create.

4) When cocktailing for curly hair its okay to use up to five products. This is especially true for frizzy curly hair.

5) Some mousses and creams don't mix well so be aware!

6) If you mix products in your hands and the resulting solution is clumpy, chances are it is going to be the same way in your hair.

Here are two products that by themselves are amazing but when you combine them the results are fabulicious.

The first product in the orange packaging is called Style For You by Alfaparf. This product was created along with a hair academy in London called Mahogany which was started in Australia and now travels the world teaching their style of cutting and coloring. I actually attended a week of classes at their school in London (while the tube was on strike) and it was amazing. Enough about me! Style For You by itself it is an amazing smoothing lotion. Do I love the packaging? Let’s not go there. I do like the product.

The second product in the line up is Lotion Densitive GL. This leave in spray treatment has seriously changed the way hair feels. Now let’s be honest. This product is not wonderful just because it is by Kerastase. It truly is fabulous. We all know that Kerastase has some products I will not touch with a 10 foot pole (did someone say Chroma Reflect?) Any hoo, by itself this spray strengthens fine hair and at the same time it is a great styling tool.

Let’s combine these two products by layering them applying the Kerastase spray first then the smoothing lotion second.

Here we now have a product that will make the thickest hair silky and shiny or curly hair with a little frizz just defined and soft. And it smells like a million dollars. I have fine curly hair and the combo actually works really well. It leaves my hair defined with out being crunchy or oily.

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