Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hair color for men has been around for a very long time. Some men color their hair for fashion to add a creative twist to their image through rich dark colors and some men add blond highlights to brighten their image. There is a WRONG way and a RIGHT way for a man to wear a colored crown.

The rules for becoming a blond.

1) Men never and I repeat, NEVER get your hair foiled! I recommend getting your hair painted (baliaged) It is a far more natural approach. It does not leave Tiger stripes behind and will give the stylist far more control to create a look that's convincing to your friends.

2) Please don't buy bleach from the beauty supply and ask your girlfriend to apply it to save money. If you want to go blond, get a professional to do it and I promise you will be happier with the results.

3) If you have natural black hair color, it maybe best to pass on the highlights. No one with black hair has blond highlights. You can go for a more natural approach using hair color in foils, this takes a hair dresser that understands hair color so you don't end up with gold/orange highlights as a result.

4) Stay away from tones that are too golden. Instead, try tones with more ash or beige as these tones tend to be more masculine.

5) DO NOT allow any one to pull your hair through a bleach cap. You know the old fashioned caps with the old knitting needles or picks? Bad idea!! That technique is as old ad the hills and you look like a Chia pet on crack.

The rules for covering grey hair.

1) Avoid coloring your hair with Golden browns alone. If you have a few grey hairs, use a quarter of your formula with a gold brown and three quarters of your formula with an ash or cool brown. This will lend for a more natural, masculine look.

2) For men with a lot more grey hair who wish to cover it, use half of your formula with a neutral brown and half with a golden brown. This will give you a cool brown tone while still providing great coverage of the grey.

3) Do not color your hair yourself with color from the drug store and think that because you left the side burns grey you are fooling anyone. Leave the hair coloring to the professionals. Honey, we know box color when we see it and so do your friends.

4) I generally recommend men to embrace the aging process and their grey hairs. There are times when some men need to sport a younger appearance in the competitive corporate world or in the even more competitive dating scene A little help from hair color can often assist in getting you the job you want or the date you are chasing. Whatever you do, try to make the color look as natural as possible. Only the comb over is worse than a mature man walking around with hair that is obviously colored with shoe polish.

If you have any questions on men's hair color feel free to write and I would be happy to share all I know.


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