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As we look for new hair care products there are many factors that play into our decision on which ones to use. We might choose a product because a friend recommended it, or we like the packaging, the smell or its price. My job is to research and share my honest opinions with you on anything that might be good or bad about the various products I have tried. Recently at another attempt to grow my hair, I have been using a few products to help me achieve the look I want. From professional products to not so professional products, I have used them all and found many to be very helpful. When selecting a product for my hair, my main concerns are smell, hold and no flakes. Here are some suggestions for you to consider.


I have lots of fine wavy hair that behaves in the winter but then goes crazy in the summer. Can you relate? I recommend that any man growing his hair should always use a combination of products as one is not enough! I have been using two products, a gel for hold, shine and definition. With my gel I add a tiny bit of a light paste (not wax) to help break down the alcohol content in the gel and give it a more matt finish so I don't have to have a super wet look. There will be no slick rick doggie fresh yall!! (remember that song?)

You would think this should be easy to find, right? Wrong! You would be amazed at how many bad gels are on the market. After using trying different gels, I narrowed down the selection to my favorite three gels on the market and decided to post the results.

GEL #1

The first is the Design Gel by Alfaparf . This is a product I've written about before. I love the hold. The shine is amazing and they have other great products in the line to support this one. This gel is a very strong product in terms of hold. The only draw back is that after recently being re-packaged, the gel gets a little gummy if the container is left open. Fortunately, it does not get gummy enough to stop using.

GEL #2

The second is the Wella Color Preserve Gel which has amazing hold, high shine and is good for color treated hair which is a plus. This gel is the product for the man that wants his hair to stay put during the best and the worst of times. The packaging is okay. Oh and yes there were a mild amount of flakes :(

GEL #3


This gel is from a product line that I wrote about recently, Kiss My Face. It is a gel with natural ingredients, great hold and nice packaging. I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of this product. The hold and shine were good, the smell was decent and there were no flakes. I recommend using it for blow drying as well. All you need is a little on the root and there you have it,lift! Would you believe it was the cheapest of all! I do wish it was a little stronger hold but you know what? I can't have it all!!

And now in the world of gels, I am a connoisseur and still working towards finding the ultimate product to rock your world.

I wish you the perfect product guys.

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