Saturday, April 11, 2009


Most women are afraid to wear their hair slicked back off their face. Why? Well, it could be they are self-conscious about the shape of their face, the size of their ears, or the fact that the style brings out their features. The thing is, we are usually our worst critic, and we are the first to point out the imperfection that someone else told us we had – and that means even that mean girl in third grade. Women, wake up and embrace your god-given beauty. Show the world you love your self and will do anything to look great in the rain. Now that we’ve had the pep talk, here are your styling tips.


If you are secure enough to wear this style, I recommend using a gel combined with an anti-frizzing product. This way you have the hold and no-frizzing. Here are two ways to wear this style. The first is with a side part -- this way you don't look as if you’re on water skis and holding on for dear life. If you have curly hair, you can put the rest of the hair in a tight bun. If you have straight hair, you can let it fall in a nice clean tail, providing you have the right combination of product. If you are talented, why not braid the tail?


You must be saying, is he crazy? Well, I have been called many things and crazy is one for sure! This technique is going to require a combination of three or more products. So if you don't want to invest, you can't put it to the test. Most women and men with curly hair use more than two products anyway. If it’s one of those not-so-cold days, this is a great technique. Here goes ...

After emerging gracefully from the shower with pointed toes (a little drama always helps) towel dry hair lightly. Add a leave-in conditioner from roots to ends. Then apply your product for curly hair -- it maybe in a spray or cream. Apply it in the palm of your hands and work through your hands like hand cream. Apply it in small sections from roots to ends while twisting. What we are trying to do is calm any frizzing that may occur. Then, while hair is still damp, spray with some finishing hair spray. My favorite is Mode from Bumble and Bumble. It’s a soft-hold hair spray that smells great and works on wet or dry hair. This will be the final application of product, sealing the cuticle and allowing your hair to dry in peace without any hair-raising performances.



So darling, you still want to use your curling iron – that’s O.K., I'll survive. Diffuse your curly hair as usual, using all of your favorite products. Then choose a curling iron that is the size of the curl you have. In other words, if you have small curls don't use a large curling iron. Take the curling iron and start curling your hair vertically, not horizontally. This will allow the curl to softly cascade down the side of your face rather than bouncing off your head like a curl on crack! You’re NOT blowing it straight. The idea is to have curly hair in the rain that's sealed with heat so it lasts longer.


You are lucky, because straight hair is easier to work with. You can blow dry with a flat brush with tight bristles like the Mason Pearson to ensure flatness. Then use a flat iron and wear it down. Or, after blow drying, put it in a ponytail and flat iron the tail only.

I wish you hair that looks cute in the rain.

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