Friday, July 24, 2009


Curly hair can be sexy at any length and color. So many women are now embracing their curls rather than the endless early morning struggles with flat irons and blow dryers. Even the women with some wave who never thought they had enough texture are definitely open to seeing what they can get out of the hair they have straightened for so long, enough is enough! Don't get me wrong, straight hair is still sought after by many women. The majority of women, however, are open to getting educated by their friends with curly hair and a stylist to recommend the right tools, techniques and better hair cuts to help sport frizz free, curly hair.

My model came to me with hair pass her shoulders and medium brown color with faded ends. We spoke for quite sometime about life and realized that 30 minutes had passed and I had not even fluffed one curl!! Finally we started talking hair. She was ready to go dark and short. Neither had she been before so I was excited to work with her giving her what she wanted with my ideas added to create the right shape.

As with most women that have curly hair, we were faced with curls of different texture at different areas of her head. The back was thick and had a strong curl. The hair on top and sides were finer than the back and actually the curl was perfect. It was a looser curl than the back with definition. Another challenge was the front hair line was a little frizzy. As we talked about her hair cut we kept in mind how the different areas would have to be cut differently.

I decided to cut first. I also decided to cut her hair dry, just as she walked in but brushed out. Even though it was brushed out the difference in texture would be still visible.

Keeping in mind that she wanted short hair no matter what, I convinced her to not take the over all length too short. First I cut the back a lot shorter than the front, so that she would still feel like she got the short cut she wanted. (Keeping in mind that we did not want to give her the appearance of Posh what’s her face.) (The one married to that scrumptious Soccer player.)

Because of her gorgeous strong features and long neck we agreed to create softness around the face by creating layers. I explained that when creating layers around the face the most important part is keeping in mind the bangs and their ability to be a tighter texture. The challenge is that, if the bangs are cut to short, they could look like a bunch of grapes. And not plump desirable grapes either, but those grapes that have been left out too long in the sun. In other words a bunch of raisins, LOL!! (I crack myself up!) Overall we were able to complete a shape that we both liked from the profile and head on.

This was the easy part. My model wanted to be a brunette and loved the idea of rich warm tones. I decided to do highlights and low lights and then glaze the entire head with our desired color. The idea is to create dimension and sparkle while still being a rich brunette. I first highlighted using the foil technique. On curly hair I recommend getting the hair high lighted and low lighted a little chunkier than normal. For the highlight I used Platinum Clay lightener by L’Oreal and for the low light I used Color Wear 7/3. The low light was a little chunkier than the highlight to get more coverage. After the color processed to my liking I then rinsed and used a gloss by Color Wear over the entire head. For the gloss I mixed Color Wear 7/32 7/3 and clear. I added the clear to help me get a more translucent appearance. I left the glaze on for 10 minutes and then we were ready to take her to the mirror and unveil her new do.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Justin-Julius Santos.

We were both happy with the end result and hope you are too.

I wish you great curls baby!


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