Monday, July 27, 2009


I recently posted an article about the Mohawk and the popularity of this reemerging trend. Now after my recent trip to L.A. and seeing everyone and their Poodle in the style, I am writing to say the new trend is now to get rid of the MOHAWK!! It has been done and done with!! So, if you are thinking of getting one, think again.

I have great news. There is a new trend in the making and it will be interesting to see if this trend would be right for the everyday man. It’s hair color for men. I'm not talking about at home colors, grey blending or being adventures by experimenting with lemon juice. No honey!! I'm talking about professional hair color. Colors like cool blonds and strong reds. As I thumb through some of my favorite men's magazines, Prada seems to be carrying the trend for now for fall. Overall, the colors are beautiful, butch and bold! (All at once!!)

Speaking of butch, another trend is well placed panels of bright colors.

As I was on the train to Williamsburg last week, I saw someone making an attempt at some fuchsia chunks. It worked for a moment but he really needed a little help from us professionals.

If you are going to experiment with color, this is no time to cut corners. Make sure you go to someone with lots of experience. We want you to look trendy, not tragic!!!

So guys lets get rid of the hawk and embrace some sexy hair color.


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