Friday, August 7, 2009


This one of my clients on her recent shoot. I did her color and the rest was up to these guys.

Photographer- Renie Saliba
Hairstyle/Makeup- Encruma Garriques
Model-Model Service Agency

Great job guys!

How to protect your red hair.

Tip No. 1: Always have your hair color applied to clean hair.

Yes, I know about the old wives tale that your color takes better on dirty hair. Well it's actually not true. This concept is from back in the days when the chemicals in hair color were much stronger so that the build-up of natural hair oils helped protect the hair. Color is now much more refined and less damaging to your hair.On clean hair the color penetrates better and last longer on clean hair.

Tip No. 2: Try Semi-Permanent Color by Wella Color Touch.

Wella's reds are out of this world. Not only do they have every shade of red, the colors are shiny and sexy. My favorite shades by this brand are 6/4, 7/43 and 8/40.

Tip No. 3: Avoid washing your hair 48 hrs after getting your hair colored.

Red molecules are large, and aggravating the cuticle soon after getting your hair colored with hot water and shampoo can release pigment prematurely. Also I always use cool water on my Reds.

Tip No. 4: Do not do hair treatments the day you have your hair colored.

This can also allow red molecules to be released.

Tip No. 5: Wear caps when going to the tanning salon.

You need to protect your hair when you tan, believe me tins is so true!

Tip No. 6: Wear hats or UV protection on your hair in the sun to prevent fading.

The sun can be damaging to hair, so protect hair when hanging out in the sun all day.

Tip No. 7: Get a clear or red Cellophanes gloss after having your hair colored.

Cellophanes are vegetable colors that are safer than henna and fade gently without the residue. It is applied to the hair, then you are placed under the dryer for 20 minutes. This seals the color and gives your hair great shine. Be sure to use a red that it is in the same red tones. So if your hair is a copper red don't use a violet red cellophane.

Tip No. 7: Don't use harsh shampoos.

You spend a lot of money on your hair color. It is time to invest in a good shampoo specially designed for color-treated hair. I recommend using color support shampoos and conditioners by Bumble and Bumble. Just make sure you consult with your hairstylist first to make sure you are not using a copper red shampoo on a blue red color.

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Regina said...

I'm glad you warn people not to use harsh shampoos.Out of all of the beauty salon blogs I’ve viewed I have not found any concerning health concerns. We handle toxic chemicals daily, not to mention what we ingest through the air and skin. Am I the only “health nut” in our boat? What are some of your concerns and how are you handling them? After almost a decade in the hair styling business I was having daily headaches and often fatigued. My cosmetologist friend introduced me to this stuff called Cosme-care that helps detox the body of harsh chemicals. Google it or I can show you where I ordered mine!

Thanks and keep up the nice work, Regina

antonio said...

Thank you Regina for writing and I wish you great hair!