Monday, August 17, 2009



1) Highlights being processed under heat lamps, dryers or any heat producing tool.

Ask your stylist to not use heat when getting highlights. It may take a little longer without heat but it's worth it. When I'm applying color and bleach gets on my fingers, it actually burns the skin. So put that on fine hair with heat and it's dry hair galore!

2) 40 volume peroxide with bleach for your highlights equals your hair on the floor.

I use 40 volume on super black virgin Asian hair that's super healthy. The highest volume peroxide I use on fine hair is 25 volume.

3) Metal brushes

I know, I know you love you some metal hair brushes but the fact is they get very hot! So take your fine hair, add a hot dryer and a metal brush and you are begging for damage.

4) An aggressive hairstylist that can't blow hair.

Child we have seen them all. They blow your fine hair like they blowing the hair of a Musk Oxen ( google it )

5) Poor hair care routine

I know when you have fine hair your concern is products weighing your hair down. But you must treat your hair to a little loving. Use a hair mask on the day you are not hitting the town, so if your hair is a little flat it’s okay.

6) Plastic hair brushes with plastic bristles

I would not even use plastic hair brush on my Barbie as a child (oops)

7) Rubber bands for your ponytails

I hope you understand that this is a long time culprit for breaking hair, get a band that's gentle on your hair. But please not a Hello Kitty ponytail holder.

We all had healthy hair at some point in our lives. Let’s retrace our steps and stop the breakage!




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