Thursday, August 13, 2009



Have you noticed that some hair product companies never know when to stop making products that seem to be a waste of time? I recently noticed one company created a shampoo for fine hair, then for thick hair, limp hair, tired hair, stressed hair, color treated hair and hair that has an attitude. It seriously got me thinking and I had to blog about it. A hair care company may have a great product that we all enjoy, and then before you know it, they will add another product in the same line with a different color bottle, a different smell and promising you the world! Although they already have a great product they insist that this one, when added to your routine, will make all the difference. They use words like skinny, slim, slimming, age recharge and youthful. Is it a shampoo or a fitness instructor? I recently used a shampoo that claimed to have Diamond dust in it, child I was about to buy 10 jars and make me some big Diamond hoops! Come on guys we may have dry hair but we are not retarded!

Recently, a hair product I use launched a new shampoo and I realized something. These professional product companies are targeting hairstylists big time. They know that we get very excited with a new bottle, smell and shape. Once upon a time, I used to get so excited about new products. Now I pay attention to one out of five of them. Professional product companies also know that if we get excited the next step will be for us to tell the client about it. They know that we are the ones to get the products off the shelves and into your bags. As someone who firmly believes in professional and non professional hair care and supports both groups, I believe that the consumer comes first. There are some professional hair care products that I think are amazing and some that I think are a waste of time and the same goes for the non-professional ones.

I must admit, it does tick me off a little. Is this what consumers feel like? The truth is that a great haircut is better with great product. When I do a haircut or color, the feeling of reaching for a product that will compliment my work feels great. I also know for a fact that professional hair care companies have spent Billions researching ingredients to revolutionize the industry in a positive way, but give us a break already. All we want is clean healthy hair. Please don't promise consumers that with one shampoo they will look 10 years younger. It’s just a shampoo not a miracle!

I wish you great products that you actually need :)


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